Jiangda diving, a robotic dredging machine, helps prevent and control an outbreak


In the near future, the epidemic situation in the surrounding countries and regions is still showing an outbreak and spreading trend. The pressure on the import of external prevention in Guangzhou continues to increase, and local epidemics have occurred in some parts of the country. The situation of prevention and control of the epidemic situation is still severe and complex, epidemic Prevention and control work presents long-term, complex and uncertain characteristics.

All walks of life in the city,epidemic prevention and control work is also in accordance with the characteristics of their respective industries to find loopholes, prevention and control measures gradually escalated.

From a global perspective, more than cities have been detected in sewage in the new coronavirus, municipal sewage pipes are likely to be a new source of infection. To standardize the safe operation of urban drainage and sewage treatment, and to strengthen the safety protection of employees, the water industry in Guangzhou and even the whole country should pay great attention to it.

In order to avoid the risk of new coronavirus infection in the construction workers, it is necessary for the construction workers to reduce their exposure to the polluted water as much as possible? It is very necessary to select a silt-cleaning robot which can realize "no man goes into the well, no road is dug, the water keeps flowing and the mud does not touch the ground" .

Jiangda diving   has the industry's most experienced robot construction company, its products are widely used in sewage pumping station without stopping water cleaning, drainage pipe cleaning, municipal hidden culvert cleaning, sewage plant pond without stopping water cleaning and so on.

look at Jiangda diving's silt removal robots photo:


picture 1, part of the model of the underwater dredging robot

In the construction, the operator can be in a safe place for remote control operations, fully meet the most stringent requirements for epidemic prevention. The Front Shovel Gun and the stranding dragon can realize the safe excavation and the hard object flushes the breakage, may avoid the big object to enter the pump. At the same time, the robot also has a great advantage, can achieve underwater operations without stopping production, thus increasing the output value of the party, greatly reducing the overall operating costs.

Take a look at Jiangda's silt removal robot pumping station:


Picture 2. schematic diagram of underwater desilting robot pumping station

Jiangda diving rich construction practice shows that: the use of robots to clean silt, with a strong ability to clean silt, high degree of intelligence, good security, green environmental protection, meet the new crown disease strict prevention and control measures, and so on, it is the best choice to solve the desilting problem of sewage pumping station, pipeline, culvert and so on.

Take a look at some construction photos of Jiangda   silt removal robot case:



Finally, in the face of the severe situation of Guangzhou new crown epidemic situation, wear masks, less aggregation, active vaccination of new Crown Vaccine, epidemic prevention and control, everyone is responsible! For the water industry, Jiangda's silt removal robot is willing to protect workers from the virus, for the industry's prevention and control of the epidemic to do its part.

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