The Sewage Treatment is constantly producing silt removal robots


The robot makes a great contribution to the safety and environmental protection of the sludge cleaning in the sewage plant.

Not only does manual desilting in sewage plants stop production, it will lead to a great deal of complaints from the public, but failure to pay attention to the operation rules may even lead to serious safety accidents, with a bloody cost Psycho.

Here we go,

June 5,2020 at about 3:30, Henan Province, Miss Green Yuet hot spring sewage treatment station cleaning accident occurred, a worker accident operation, the latter two rescue personnel involved in the rescue fell into the pool, three people were killed.

On June 16,2020, at about 10:00 am, three men were trapped in an underground closed sewage treatment pool in the official land branch of Western Hills coal and electricity workers general hospital, Wanbailin District district, Shanxi Province. After receiving the alarm, the Taiyuan Fire Rescue Detachment Nanshe station and the Secret Service one station officers and fighters rushed to the scene and rescued three people. Unfortunately, all three have lost vital signs.

On July 4,2020, at about 10:00 am, a major accident of poisoning and suffocation occurred in a confined space at the breeding base of Xinhao Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Co. , Ltd. in Zhenan farm, Horqin District, during the maintenance of a sewage pumping station, three people were killed and five injured.

At about 5:00 pm on August 22,2020, the sewage treatment station of Qinwei pig farm, a subsidiary of Wen Animal Husbandry Co. , Ltd. Yongqiao district, Suzhou City, Anhui Province, was damaged due to the equipment of the sewage lifting well. Co-supplier Shanghai Gurui company in the maintenance process of 2 poisoning asphyxia, sent to the hospital after the rescue invalid death.

Is there any way to skillfully crack the sewage plant caused by the artificial cleaning of environmental safety problems?

The exhilarating answer is: Yes!

In order to meet the urgent needs of non-stop desilting operations in chemical enterprises and municipal sewage plants, especially to avoid frequent safety accidents caused by manual desilting, Guangzhou Jiangda Diving Dredging Engineering Co. , Ltd. has developed an underwater desilting robot, in 2020-2021, Guangzhou Municipal Drainage Co. , Ltd, biochemical pond and several sewage plant upgrading pump house project was carried out in 2021, which not only does not need to stop production, but also is safe and environmentally friendly, has Been Guangzhou City Drainage Co. , Ltd. , Guangzhou City Water Purification Co. , Ltd. The leadership of the unanimous praise.

Now let's take a look at the live photos and video of the robot's continuous desilting operation at pumping station No. 9.


The advantages of the on-line desilting robot developed by Jomda County are as follows:

1. It can replace the traditional manual desilting operation method and completely eliminate the risk of casualties

2. It can work without stopping production and emptying the pool water.

3. According to the thickness of the silt in the pond, the robot's working path and speed can be matched in time to realize the precise work, which can enter the enclosed confined space pool, the working scene can be simulated realistically, and the visual control can berealized.

At present, due to environmental reasons, many urban sewage treatment plants can not stop production on a quarterly basis, water and sand removal, sediment accumulation to a certain extent, will flow into the pump body, the pump body suffered serious wear and tear, see photos of the scene Psycho.


The suspension of production and desilting has greatly reduced the working life of the pump body. The replacement and maintenance of each lift pump will result in a large amount of economic loss, it can be predicted that Jomda County's non stop desilting robot will gradually enter the vast urban sewage plants and chemical enterprises, bringing huge economic benefits.

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