Operating Principle and Procedure of Underwater Oxygen Arc Cutting


The principle of underwater oxygen arc cutting is mainly the high temperature generated by arc and the chemical heat generated by oxygen and the metal elements being cut, heating and melting the metal being cut, and using the impulse of oxygen flow to blow off the molten metal and oxidized slag of the cutting seam, thus forming the cutting seam. With the continuous movement of arc and continuous supply of oxygen, the required slot length can be obtained to achieve the purpose of cutting.

Its General operating procedures are:

(1) Carefully prepare for cutting according to the requirements of the plan;

(2) Connect the number of electrical circuit and circuit, grounding cable must be fastened on the cutting workpiece;

(3) Select the standard parameters according to the thickness, water depth, oxygen pipe length and corrosion degree of the cut workpiece.

(4) The cutting torch can be directly brought into the water by divers, or it can be transmitted to divers by signal rope or other rope after they reach the operating point. The cutting torch should not be too many, and should be put into a special canvas bag.

(5) Clean up the marine organisms and Sediments around the cutting line, and find out whether there are flammable and explosive articles in the cutting area. If so, appropriate measures should be taken.

(6) When everything is ready, the cutting can be started. First oxygen is opened, then electricity is turned on. When the burning residue of the cutting strip is about 30 mm, the arc is turned off and the oxygen supply is stopped. A new cutting strip is fastened to the cutting torch socket and the cutting is continued.

(7) When cutting, the diver should not stand in the middle of the circuit of grounding cable and power cable, and pay attention to the dynamic of the cut piece at any time to prevent collapse or damage to the diver due to stress concentration.

(8) Fixed measures should be taken first when cutting unstable workpieces. Divers'signal ropes, hoses and cables should be cleared up to prevent winding.

(9) After cutting, the torch should be pulled out of the water slowly and washed and dried with fresh water.