What should we pay attention to in underwater photography?


What should we pay attention to in underwater photography?

(1) Underwater photography, water quality must be good, the main indicator is transparency, so before photography, water quality should be measured;

(2) We should grasp the characteristics of light propagation in water, eliminate all interference factors, and pay special attention to the accuracy of focal length.

(3) In underwater photography, in order to grasp the opportunity and guarantee the quality, the subjects can be photographed several times, so as to provide more choices.

(4) Preventing distortion. Before shooting, some measurable markings can be made on the object to be photographed for reference when reading the film.

(5) After shooting, take the negative with special care to prevent damage to the negative or exposure, and develop it as soon as possible;

(6) The underwater camera is a precision instrument. After using it, it must wash the outside with fresh water and maintain the internal parts.

(7) When underwater photography is not used for a long time, the lens and the fuselage should be stored separately. The lens should be placed in a special container and the lens should not be stained.

(8) When an underwater camera breaks down, it shall be repaired by professional personnel and shall not be disassembled at will.